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2022-12-20 16:38:24 By : Mr. Jay Chou

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Try as we might, sometimes there’s no keeping our pets off the furniture. Investing in pet-friendly furniture saves us the agony of worrying about what might happen if Luna hops up on the couch or Charlie tries gnawing on a chair leg. Pet-friendly furniture of course isn’t pet-proof. The only thing pet-proof might be the heavy-duty Kong tire, but even that can be worn down over time by determined jaws. The point is, pet furniture should hide fur well, hold up against scratchy nails and deter pets from leaving bite marks everywhere. Design Dining Room Set

Our Favorite Pieces of Pet-Friendly Furniture - PureWow

Many companies these days recognize the important role pets play in our lives. Pets are more like children to us than ever before. So, family friendly and pet friendly often go hand-in-hand. Look for or ask about fabric options that fall into this category. They should be performance or commercial grade. This means they have a double rub count of at least 15,000. It also often means you can toss them in the washing machine and spot clean very easily. Anything that requires hand washing or stains easily should be avoided.

Leather and faux leather are favorites among pet owners. This is because leather is meant to be lived in—and it lasts a long time. Distressed leather looks intentional over time (whereas distressed linen can fray or rip because it becomes too thin). Scratches from nails or thick paw pads add character to leather and faux leather and blend together over time. Cats also have a hard time digging their claws into it and you can wipe up spills very easily on the smooth surface.

Microfiber velvets are also great for pet parents, especially cat owners. Anyone with a cat knows that fabrics with lots of tiny spaces for cats to sink their claws into are very bad ideas. All it takes is one scratching session and your couch turns into the favorite scratching post. Microfiber velvet is seamless and doesn’t provide as much opportunity to dig in. The same thought process applies to any tightly woven fabrics.

Finally, wooden chair and bed frame legs are begging to be chewed up by new puppies. Opting for metal or stainless steel prevents your pup from leaving teeth marks on every chair in your house.

Best Pet Furniture at a Glance

Leather is an excellent material for pet-friendly furniture. Not only does it last over time, but even scratches here and there don’t matter as it lends to a distressed, lived-in look many pieces of leather furniture already have. This sectional from Macy’s is tres chic. Available in navy or dark gray leather, its shape is modern and sleek. The sturdy hardwood and plywood frame makes is a good choice for people with dogs who like (and are allowed) to join you on the couch. Sectionals are also good options for families with kids and pets because of all the extra seating options.

We love that Sunbrella—the company known for its outdoor furniture—upholsters indoor pieces, too. At Pottery Barn, not only can you follow a handy guide to pick your fabric, but there are many Sunbrella® Performance options. We like their Boss Herringbone in Light Gray because it's a solid neutral that will also hide the inevitable build-up of pet hair. The fabric is designated pet-friendly by Pottery Barn, which means it is “ideal for homes with one or more pets.” Not only are they easy to clean, they resist snags from claws and don’t fade easily. It may bump the overall sofa price up a bit, but it’s worth it for a more durable piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for a softer, smoother option from Pottery Barn, this slipcovered sofa in their Performance Plush Velvet fabric is the way to go. The company says the velvet has “luxe appeal” in an “easy-to-clean fabric.” Softer than Sunbrella, this performance velvet comes in a matte finish in three decadent colorways: camel, slate and navy. Other excellent, pet-friendly specs: a 100,000 rub count designed for high-traffic spots and machine-washable fabric. This sofa shape is also a classic design suitable for any decor type (which is probably why it’s a PB Bestseller).

Burrow has dedicated a huge section of its furniture collection to items made for pets. Well, made for people with pets front of mind. Their Nomad Collection uses synthetic, stain-resistant, pill-resistant and scratch-resistant fabric. The fibers are non-toxic and free of chemical additives. You can actually spot clean it with a special solution of water and bleach! We love their chaise (because who doesn’t love a dog or cat curling up by your feet as you sit back and relax?). Choose from regular Nomad fabric or Nomad Velvet (which is pricier). These chaises also have built-in chargers. Anyone with a cat on their lap will tell you how nice it is not to have to get up to charge your phone.

If you’re not already on the Ruggable train, we’re at the station and ready for you to board. These rugs are machine-washable, lightweight, and low pile (so they fit into your washing machine nicely. Each rug comes in a variety of sizes and arrives with a rug pad. According to the company website, their Cling Effect™ technology keeps the pad and rug connected to each other (and well-gripped to your floor). There are tons of designs to choose from. We love their Bohemian options with sleek lines that can hide the inevitable dog hair pile-up or cat barf

A shag rug? With pets? Yes, it’s possible! This shag rug is fluffy and cozy while still retaining the stain- and liquid-resistance Ruggable promises. You can wash this one in your machine, too. This shaggy beauty comes in Antique Ivory and Egret White. One user called this rug a “gamechanger,” adding, “I dogsit and have hardwood floors so a washable rug is necessary! Dogs love the shag and I love the easy cleaning. It even dries quickly in the sun when weather permits.” 

Ruggable has expanded their offerings beyond floor decor and we couldn’t love it more. This lounge chair (we’re partial to the yellow mustard color) is sturdy and covered in washable fabric. You can literally remove the entire fabric covering on the chair - not just the cushions - and toss it in the washing machine. It resists stains and liquid though, so hopefully you don’t have to wash it all the time! One happy customer writes, “This is the best accent chair I’ve come across after extensive research and shopping around at the major furniture stores.”

Dog crates can take up a lot of space, so choosing one that doubles as a useful piece of furniture is straight up genius. We like this option because it offers a large table top and two shelves for storage. The crate itself has a removable wall to accommodate larger breeds (or two toy breeds if you got ‘em!). Plus, the doors slide open and closed and can be locked so your sneaky pup doesn’t escape if it’s time to chill out. One drawback is the material is manufactured wood and not chew-resistant. So, if you’ve got a big chewer on your hands, we advise against this one.

Your dog might not sit at the table with you, but cats have been known to nap on dining chairs. This is why it’s wise to invest in leather, faux leather or microfiber upholstered chairs, if you want to go the fabric route. Cats can’t dig their claws into this pair and wear and tear looks more natural on leather and faux leather. Plus, this stylish set has metal legs. If your dog tries to chew on them, they’ll fare much better than wooden legs. If you spill on these, they wipe clean very easily. Assembly is super simple and replacement parts are free for a full year. Choose between brown, black, green and gray faux leather.

This is an example of a microfiber velvet chair. Designed for a home office, this one has a classic style and golden metal legs. Again, cats won’t be able to dig their claws in and mark their territory on this type of fabric. The seat contains high density foam for extra comfort and rotates a full 360 degrees (and you can adjust height). Plus, the colorways are out of this world. If you want to go totally glam, we like the emerald green.

Now, we like this bed for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is the incredible storage it offers. Pop up the mattress to store winter comforters or summer sheets, depending on the season. Hint: You can also store winter and summer dog beds under here! A bed with hidden storage also prevents cats from hiding out all day. Yes, felines need space to retreat to for comfort, but hiding under the bed constantly isn’t good for them! Choose West Elm’s Performance Velvet for the upholstery. It’s incredibly durable yet soft and was designed with commercial use in mind (aka, it’ll last a long time). It also has a 100,000 rub count.

Our Favorite Pieces of Pet-Friendly Furniture - PureWow

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